kicker stickyness in beta1 & 2

Nick THOMPSON nickthompson at
Mon Dec 15 17:09:18 GMT 2003

I am using QT3.2.3 and KDE3.1.94 and find that application buttons, the
pager and most of the other icons on my kicker toolbar seem to behave
strangely on occasions. Sometimes I click on icons and they become
depressed (me too ;) and just stay there. Another click usually gets
them going. Pager clicks seem to do something similar every now and
then. Application window buttons/icons on kicker seem to be mainly okay,
but if I have them grouped, then opening up the group sometimes seem to
lock it open and none of the windows is selectable. Esc seems to be a
realiable way to regain control, but I have to select to other window
button first to avoid getting back into this state.

Is there some new "feature" I have missed and maybe misconfigured, or a
bug? I have used older KDEs in the past and sometimes the upgrade of my
~/.kde directory has not been perfect. Could I have some obsoleted
setting in there that causes this?


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