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Dale Weber linuxgeek at
Mon Dec 8 16:35:36 GMT 2003

	Hi again.

	Something that has bothered me about KDE for sometime, is the apparent 
inability to just get packages for certain parts of say, KDENETWORK, 
KDEMULTIMEDIA, etc. rather than having to install the whole thing which I 
really don't need.

	One idea for repackaging that I think would still keep the ability to install 
the entire thing if needed, would be subpackaging with a meta package.  By 
this I mean a separate package for each application and its default 
configuration, plus a META package that includes everything along with 
necessary scripts to build every sub package all at once.  The META package 
would simply be a package of all the sub packages and scripts to build them 
all with their default settings - basically one script to call the build 
scripts for each subpackage.

	This would allow users to download and install just the components of each 
meta package they need/want if they don't want to install everything.  I have 
a LOT of KDE stuff on my system which I never use, and that disk space could 
be better used for other things.

	Yes, I realize this would require some MAJOR repackaging of existing KDE 
sources in order to make the META package/SUB package concept work, but I 
also think the effort would be well spent and pay off well in the long run - 
both in maintenance and user efforts..  Developers could better work on JUST 
what they need to be working one without having to deal with anything outside 
of that other than setting up menu items to be added to the master KDE menu 
when the subpackage is installed, and putting their default settings in the 
apprriate places.

	If nothing else, this sort of packaging scheme would be better for users, 
which I think is the whole point - making the USER experience easier and 
nicer.  It takes quite a long time to build KDE on a slower machine, even 
though I personally do it in a faster one now.  I know what it's like to 
start a build of KDE and let it run overnight and most of the next day to 

	I'd much prefer to be able to install just those parts of KDE I want, and the 
required specific dependencies, rather than have to install everything for a 
given set like KMULTIMEDIA, KNETWORK, etc.  For instance, I have broadband 
and will never use the dial-up networking or PPP functionality, but I still 
have to install it to get things I do use like KMAIL.

	Just some ramblings.  Sorry for the long post.

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