MacOS like menu bar conf should be easier

Frank Hellmuth fhellmuth at
Sun Dec 7 09:02:48 GMT 2003


I installed CVS yesterday. First of all a big "Thank you, well done!" to all 
developers :)

Being a friend of the MacOS menubar on top of the screen I tried to configure 
a menubar as a child panel, so I can also have a K Menu, a window list and a 
clock in that bar. It took me an hour to figure out how to do that, and after 
ending the session and coming back it was messed up. Here's what makes it too 
complicated for my taste:

1) Why is the option "Menubar at top of screen" in the "Configure Desktop" 
dialog, when you have to add it to your child panel as an applet in the 
"Configure Panel" dialog?

2) After I removed the applet handles to clean up the cluttered look of that 
menu bar I hardly found any place to right click on to add any further apps. 
I ended up in deleting the child panel and go though all the steps in 1) 

3) As mentioned, when I came back I found the child panel completly empty and 
had again to repeat the configuration.

Also the "Configure Panel" Dialog seems not very logic to me. In "Layout", the 
two tabs "Arrangement" and "Hiding" have the same selector of the Panel you 
want to edit at the left, the third tab "Menus" doesn't have it. "Taskbar" 
appears as a "top level" item, but it edits just the appearence of an applet. 
And why are "Layout" and "Appearance" grouped on another hierarchy level as 
"Arrangement" and "Menus"?

I don't have any concrete solutions how to improve that, but being a happy KDE 
users from the beginning of KDE on, I wondered why such a simple task took me 
hours to complete. I guess it's just a bad idea, having two ways to get a 
menubar at top of the screen, on from the "Configure Desktop" and the other 
as a child panel applet, and even worse to have them interacting.

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