Window manager grabbing copy/paste keys from gnumeric?

Gregory Margo gmargo at
Mon Aug 25 17:18:05 BST 2003

I'm running KDE 3.1 as my desktop and using gnumeric for a spreadsheet.

I copy/paste within gnumeric, using the standard shortcut keys of ^C and ^V.

KDE window manager sees the ^V go by and trys to download whatever URL
I last copied within Konqueror, placing the result on the desktop.  My next
^V causes a "do you want to overwrite" dialog.  The ^V also gets to gnumeric.

Why does KDE see this keystroke, and how do I prevent it from doing this
undesirable activity?
Gregory H. Margo
Home: greg at margofamily dot org, gmargo at yahoo dot com or pacbell dot net
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