Configuration of additional mouse buttons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Aug 21 22:09:02 BST 2003

Dennis Schridde wrote:
> Hello!
> My friend has a problem with the use of his additional mouse buttons.
> He uses SuSE 8.2(KDE 3.1.1).  Its mouse is an Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
> (USB).
> xmodmap -pp returns:
>     There are 7 pointer buttons defined.
>     Physical        Button
>     Button          Code
>         1              1
>         2              2
>         3              3
>         4              4
>         5              5
>         6              6
>         7              7
> It is to be converted e.g. pressing the lateral key in KDE-Instructions (like
> closing windows...).
> Can someone help it?
>  I read that you can make it with .Xmodmap and configure afterwards in KDE the
> keyboard instructions.
> Is it possible to do this easier(out of KControl)?
> If not, how can he do that exactly?
> How have the entries for the Xmodmap to be?

After you tell XFree86 that you have seven buttons:

	Option	    "Buttons" "7"

You can configure them to use Function keys that do not exist on your keyboard.

There are four actions for the buttons:

<Btn6Down>, <Btn6Up>, <Btn7Down>, & <Btn7Up>

Read: "man xmodmap" and do it like this:

	xmodmap keysym <Btn6Down>=<F20>

Then you can use button 6 down as though it was Function 20.

You can put the instructions in a file and have your: "Xsession" script 
call it.

This is supposed to be obsolete, but I don't know how to do it the new way.


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