mouse cursor problem

stu at stu at
Thu Aug 21 02:00:26 BST 2003

dear all, 
       i wonder if you can assist me with a problem i believe to be kde 

i am running a machine with suse8.0 set up as a multimedia server and have 
what seems to be a bug.  with repeated resizing of windows, the cursors 
hotspot moves 10mm to the right, ie the cursor has to be 10mm to the left to 
click on an item.  
the only way to restore the condition is to cold boot the machine.
i have booted the machine to gnome and other guis and cannot recreate the same 

has anyone heard of this problem, i have searched for a solution but any 
keywords i use brings too many options.

i could try to upgrade to a newer kde but would like to find out that it will 
cure it. (this is not a machine i am confident of messing with)

i would appriciate any advice.


stu at

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