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Chris Jensen chris-kde at
Thu Aug 14 07:57:14 BST 2003

I've been quite happily using Open Office and kprinter for some time. However 
I recently upgraded to kde 3.1.2 and open office 1.1 beta2 (under linux 
gentoo) and now when I print to kprinter in openoffice, the dialog appears to 
be using a bad font.
Every character in the dialog is displayed as a square (the way characters 
usually appear when the current font doesn't actually contain a 
representation of that character)
If I print from a kde application the dialog is perfectly legible. And the 
same goes for running kprinter from a konsole.

So the problem seems to be specific to open office (I don't have any other 
non-kde apps that I print from that I can test this with)
Theres no error messages being sent to stdout by either of them.

Like I said, this problem has only surfaced with the latest version of kde and 
open office (I upgraded both at the same time, so I'm not really sure which's 
at fault, though I have to wonder how openoffice could cause this), the 
printer is setup the same way it's always been, that is, standard generic 
printer, print command "kprinter --stdin"

If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them.

Chris Jensen

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