[Developer HELP needed] Re: [kde] KDE Print font size problem

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Aug 13 02:52:57 BST 2003

Jan Elders wrote:

> Finally I was informed that the problem probaly lies in KHTML.
> I was told :
> KHTML is the program that actually does the HTML pages, Konqueror is just
> the container -- when you are using Konqueror as 'web browser' you are
> using KHTML.
> Even though KMail is a separate program, it is tied to the browser just as
> if it were all one package like Mozilla.  The printing of mail should use
> the same font settings as the browser.  The: "Medium font size" that you
> set for KHTML in Konqueror should be the font size used for printing mail.
> I played with the "Medium font size", but again : no results.
> Can anybody help, please ?

That used to work. :-|

Perhaps you need a CSS.

Would someone perhaps know where it should be and what it should be named?


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