How to verify signed mail

Neil Williams linux at
Sat Aug 9 18:59:45 BST 2003

On Saturday 09 Aug 2003 6:16 pm, luc willems wrote:
> 	Hello All ,
> I've have my KMAIL (kde 3.1.3) configured to use the GnuPG PGP and sign all
> my mail and of my wife.
> When i send a mail to my wife , i see that de verification of my key is
> correct (green box) but on my wife's mailbox it always stays yellow.

Maybe your wife hasn't set her own public key to ultimate trust in HER 
~/.gnupg installation? Without that, GnuPG cannot start to trust your key. 
The key(s) with ultimate trust is the starting point for trust in all the 
other keys in the keyring - the top of the tree.

> I imported both public keys , signed them with the private key but nothins
> seems to work.

Your wife needs to edit her key (I hope you haven't got access to each other's 
secret keys) and use the trust command to set Ultimate.

gpg --edit-key <herkeyid>
(I think).


Neil Williams

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