Konqueror process forking

Richard rholt at telcel.net.ve
Wed Aug 6 22:35:56 BST 2003

On Wednesday 06.August.2003 12:05 pm, Fanying Jen wrote:
> Just to give you additional information. The desktop is not running
> KDE proper but it is running ICEWM. Konqueror is the only application
> of KDE that is used and is merely used as a file manager. Once
> Konqueror closes all application the Konqueror launches dies.
> Here is the proceedure to reproduce this problem:
> Set ICEWM or another non-KDE or Gnome windows manager as default
> Start Konqueror
> Find an OpenOffice document AND pdf document
> Launch them both
> Make sure xpdf and OpenOffice are launched with the appropiate
> document Close Konqueror
> Wait 30 to 60 secs
> xpdf and OpenOffice should die

I don't doubt that it happens to you, but I just tried it and nothing 
happened.  Closed everything. Start Konq FM, start OOo, start Xpdf.  
Waited a few minutes and closed Konquer File Manager.  Opened files in 
OOo and Xpdf. 

Mdk9.1, IceWM 1.2.7-1mdk with KDE installed.  IceWM 1.2.6 is the default 
with mdk91 maybe that has something to do with it? 


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> Fanying Jen
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