network protocol transparency in quanta

daniel gabriel at
Tue Aug 5 21:43:37 BST 2003

so what's the deal with quanta and kate?  which one is "the" kde editor?  i 
only ask 'cause i've seen a lot of hype lately about quanta, and i've been 
using kate for some time now.

the main reason i haven't switched to quanta (which does have some pretty 
nifty features that i'd love to use) is that kate handles remote file editing 
so well and quanta seems to be limited to the local file system (well, that 
and anything mounted via nfs).  ie. using kate, i can edit a file over ssh 
just by putting the directory in the file locator:  
fish://username:password@url:port/ and navigating to the file.

is this limitation in quanta really there?  or have i missed something?  and 
if it is, why hasn't it been addressed?

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