KSpread backup file

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Aug 5 08:21:44 BST 2003

Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
> How can I tell KSpread to put its backup file somewhere else? I have a .ksp 
> file on my Desktop and want to have the .ksp~ file created whenever I make 
> changes put somewhere else, like /tmp.

You make a very good point which applies to ALL apps which create backup files.

It would certainly be better if there was a ~/Desktop/Backup/" directory where all of the 
backups that would normally go in: ~/Desktop normally go.

Unless someone implements that feature, the only thing I can think of is a cron job that 
runs every 5 minutes (or less if you have the processor power) and executes a script that 
moves the backup files off of your desktop.


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