Process forking on Konqueror

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Mon Aug 4 05:43:35 BST 2003

Hello, I have an annoying situation where a user using Konqueror as the
file manager clicks on a document which launches an external viewer, say
OpenOffice, and then proceeds to close Konqueror to get it out of the way.
When Konqueror closes, it kills all of the child processes along with it
including OpenOffice which is very annoying particularily if the user
closes Konqueror without realizing while working on a large spreadsheet
for a few hours. In some cases, it causes file corruption as the file is
not closed (saved) gracefully or OpenOffice is killed while saving. Is
there any way possible to make processes launched from Konqueror be fully
bonifide processes so closing Konqueror will have no effect on the
launched application?

We are running ICEWM and have experimented with other file managers
including Nautilus which have no effect on the launched application.


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