kde 3.1.1 Redhat 8

Christopher Logan bdeonline at msn.com
Sun Apr 27 20:44:52 BST 2003

>You've been slightly mislead here, not your fault ;-)
>With version 8, Red Hat in their wisdom (?) decided to remove
>--rebuild (and a few others) from the command 'rpm'. It now needs to
>be invoked like this:
>rpmbuild --rebuild filename.of.your.src.rpm
>Try that.
>Now, if you still have som stamina left you might want to check out
>the project which builds KDE packages for Red Hat, and which utilises
>apt-rpm to let you install it. No more downloading of separate rpms
>and fiddling with dependencies.
>If you install apt-rpm, you'll never look back :-)
>Good luck!
>Mvh Ragnar Wisløff

That seem to be my problem but now I am getting compling errors so I am 
going to try your idea which should I download. I have Redhat Linux 8.0 on a 
i686 Intel Celeron Processor.

KDE 3.1.x core

kdeadmin-3.1	2003-03-10 22:00
kdeadmin-3.1-1.2.src.rpm	     1753209 	   228    Platform-Independent	Source 
kdeadmin-3.1-1.5.src.rpm	     1753297 	   24      
Platform-Independent	Source .rpm
kdeadmin-3.1-	1531421      10      i386	.rpm
kdeadmin-3.1-	1164292      581   i386	.rpm
kdeadmin-3.1-1.6.src.rpm	      1753524 	   53 	  Platform-Independent	Source 

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