kde 3.1.1 Redhat 8

Christopher Logan bdeonline at msn.com
Sun Apr 27 19:28:36 BST 2003

That I did not know but when I try
rpm -rebuild -target i686 kdebase-3.1.1-0.8x.src.rpm
It gives me
-target: unknown option
I do have a i686 Celeron Processor
Any ideas.

>It's a source rpm, not meant for install but for building  if you want you 
>could build it for your machine by using  rpm --rebuild --target i686 
>kdebase-3.1.1-0.8x.src.rpm  and that will place Pentium optimized 
>installable binaries in your /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686 directory.
>                                  Darryl

>Christopher Logan wrote:
>>I am tring to upgrade my Redhat 8 with the supplied rpms and have gotten 
>>everything needed except the kdebase-3.1.1-0.8x.src.rpm seems to install 
>>but never does.  Any ideas what I could be doing wrong.  I have all the 
>>dependecies for it and it goes through the install process but it never 
>>seems to work correctly.
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This message is from the kde mailing list.
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Archives: http://lists.kde.org/.
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