KDE Dual monitor problems

Kevin Savitz KHSavitz at Cox.net
Sat Apr 26 21:07:15 BST 2003

I am running:
KDE 3.1.1a
XFree 4.2.0
2 Dell 1702FP displays
ATI Radeon 9500pro (r300 chip)
Gentoo 1.4-rc4

When I goto the Desktop->Panels in the Control Center and click on the
Identify button it Identifies both screens as 1,(I did this from both
When I click on a button on Screen1 to start a program it also starts
that program on Screen0, but the one started on Screen0 never starts it
just has a busy icon next to the mouse and is listed in the taskbar.  I
can hide this problem, but that is not a real solution.

Also when I click the KDE start button on Screen1 the pointer turn to an
X again until I click out of the menu.

I know that the Radeon isn't the problem because I had my system working
perfectly with an earlier version of kde, then I reinstalled and now I
have problems.  I am fairly sure that this is a problem with kde's
configuration files.

Any help would be most helpful.

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