kdesu never works in kde3.1.1a

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Apr 26 03:45:29 BST 2003

Martin Lowicki wrote:
> Hi folks,
> i have a strange problem here under kde3.1.1a ....
> Everytime i do "kdesu <command>" i get this error "su returned with an error!" .
> Anyway it is no problem for me to do an su under the konsole and login as root .
> I played with the several options but everytime i get the same error .
> Also i googled around but no one seems to have the same problem bevore !!
> Does anybody have an solution ??

I'm not sure about this, but do an experiment for me:

Open a Konsole, su -, and run: kdeinit, close the Konsole.

Open the Process Table (<Ctrl><Esc>) and kill: kdesu &/| kdesud.

Did this fix it?


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