two X loggins at the same time

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Apr 26 03:07:20 BST 2003

Pupeno wrote:
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> On Thursday 24 April 2003 14:41, Ralf Prengel wrote:
>>Am Donnerstag, 24. April 2003 07:56 schrieb Pupeno:
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>>>What do I have to do to be able to log in two users at the same time in X
>>>(for a shared computer), the users may be locked by screen saver (and I
>>>still need to be able to log the other one).
>>>Using KDE 3.1.1.
>>Do you want to start a second xserver ore would be xdm enough for you for a
>>second login in kde.
> Well, I'd like for example, to have kdm in terminal 7

KDM does not run in a terminal.  It runs as a manager for X.

> and each time someone 
> logs in a new x server is run in another terminal, but I think this is not 
> posible, so, it would be enough if I'm running two x servers

You will only be running one X server.  But, you can run two 
'screens' -- two Xsessions.

> with two kdms in  
> terminal 7 and 8 or something like that... 

As I said, only one KDM.

> actually, I don't see the 
> diference in your two options... I just want to be able to leave my computer 
> loged in and someone else to log in and use it, that's all.

That is what you do, you have the additional users login in on an 
unused console and then: "startx".  Note that you need to have it 
set up so that the: "startx" command will execute: "startkde"

Also, you need to tell KDM that additional 'screens' are 
available -- in "$KDEDIR/share/config/kdm/Xservers" or somewhere 
else if your distro changed it.


:0 local at tty1 /bin/nice -n -10 /usr/X11R6/bin/X vt7 -dpi 100
:1 local reserve /bin/nice -n -9/usr/bin/X11/X :1 vt8 -dpi 100

The second 'screen' will use terminal 8 and be 'screen" :1


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