konqi's initial info page suddenly messed up

Andrew Wendt awendt at putergeek.com
Fri Apr 25 18:48:59 BST 2003

On April 25, 2003 06:47 am, Denys Duchier wrote:
> No. It was never messed up before. I didn't change fonts.  Why are the
> graphics on that page so weirdly rearranged, and what could have
> caused it?  I have no particular problem with any other page (that I
> have noticed).  Just this initial info screen.  Could something have
> become corrupted somehow (but how?) and what?

I have a similar-looking problem with my Konq startup screen, but I'm running 
a CVS snapshot from a week ago, so I just assumed it was my fault for running 
the CVS version. :-)

So, what version are you running?
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