Tool tip bug in KDE 3.0.5 - also in 3.1.1?

Johnny Ernst Nielsen johnny.ernst.nielsen at
Thu Apr 24 15:43:05 BST 2003

Good day,

I have found a "bug" in KDE 3.0.5.
Can anyone recreate the following in KDE 3.1.1?

Make your Kicker reside at the bottom of your screen.
Move the clock to the far right side and move the logoff next to the 
Move your mouse in over the clock/date so that the little yellow tool 
tip shows the date.
Now move the mouse straight down until it hits the bottom of the 
screen, move it along the bottom of the screen (important) into the 
logoff botton applet area, and move it up.

On the two systems I manage, the little tool tip stays up for a while, 
covering the loggoff button, not moving away when the mouse enters 
its area, thus blocking the ability to click the log off button.

In ordinary operation my other user seems to make the mouse move in 
such a way that the little tool tip blocks her log off button quite 
often when she wants to log off.
I have experienced the bug two or three times myself.

A small problem, I know, as we can just wait for the tool tip to go 
away, and then try again.
But never the less quite anoying.

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)
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