3.1 KWin crash after ~40 days - should I report this somewhere?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Apr 24 07:10:39 BST 2003

JW wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running SuSE 8.1. Somewhere around month or so ago I upgraded to KDE 3.1 
> (SuSE rpms) and have been running a single session ever since (Sorry, I don't 
> know exactly how long it's been but my system uptime it 63 days, so it can't 
> be longer than that.
> I only have 256 MB of RAM and I tend to opne a bunch of memory hog programs 
> and leave them running forver. I this case I had at least Mozilla with 4 
> windows and approx. 10 tabs or more per window, 4 OpenOffice Spreadsheets, 
> XMMS, Noatun, 4 or 5 Konqeror windows, kate with a dozen or so text files 
> open, KMail. Xmms was playing and KMail downloading messages when KWin 
> crashed. It's kind of a pain when that happens, ya know :-p I was able to 
> save and close every thing with ti's menus, but keyboard input wasn't working 
> (no ^q for example). I'm quite sure I was swaping heavily when it crashed; 
> don't know if it matters or not.
> I don't see a core file laying around, and I didn't think to look for a 
> backtrace in the little "KWin has crashed" dialog box.
> Is there anything else I should do about it beside post it here?

Well, I would buy another 256 MByte of RAM.

It is possible to crash Linux -- the same as it is possible to 
crash UNIX -- and virtual memory swaps are probably a good way to 
do it.  You were lucky that you only lost the window manager.

Note from a college text of mine that UNIX can be crashed by a 
deadlock in resource requests.  I think that the current solution 
is to kill the offending process.  That might be what happened or 
it might be something else.


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