kSirc: 'bad channel key'

Lateef mystilleef at yifan.net
Tue Apr 22 00:24:32 BST 2003

Hello fellow KDE users,

I use kSirc, a KDE IRC client. I love it. It is simple and easy to use, and I 
hope further developments include more powerful features. I do have a 
problem, though. I am unable to join channel that has been restricted from 
public access with a password. In other words, channels that you need a valid 
key to join. Normally, to join a channel that has a password code I would 
need to type the following on any other IRC client;

/Join <#channelname> <password>

For example, if I wanted to join channel 'KDE' which has the password 
'donkey', I would simply type the following;

/Join #KDE donkey

For some odd reasons, I have been unable to join 'passworded' channels with 
the protocols I illustrated above. Whenever I try to join a channel that has 
a key, I get the following feed back;

Can't join #XXXXXXX: bad channel key

I know I have the right channel key because I use it on other IRC clients, it 
works! I have tried using different approaches including adding 
bracket/parenthesis to the channel key but all to no avail. I am unsure as 
whether this is a bug or whether I am doing something wrong. I have siffed 
through the mailing list and also performed searches on google. My friends, 
you are my last resort. I'd be grateful for any help or suggestions. 

Thanks in advance.

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