need assistance reconfiguring new build of KDE

Christian Herzyk christian at
Wed Apr 16 08:38:49 BST 2003

Hello again,

> From: Christian Müller [mailto:cmueller at]
> Am Dienstag, 15. April 2003 10:28 schrieb Christian Herzyk:
> > I think that Gentoo handles it the following way.
> > The config files for 3.1 are in .kde3.1 the ones for 3.0.x in .kde3
> > Any kde version (at least from 3.0 onwards) are looking for their config
> > files in .kde.
> > So when you choose a version in kdm a .kde symlink is created/changed so
> > that it points to the apropriate directory.
> Well, that may well be part of the problems me or Dan are experiencing:
> - I don't use kdm but plain startx
> - Dan stated that he runs /usr/kde/3.1/bin/startkde from
> ~/.vnc/xstartup.
> Maybe this mechanism isn't in effect then. Not sure, though.

Sorry I wasn't exact enough. The linking is done in starkde which should be
executed no matter which way you start kde. Just have a look at it, this is
done right in the beginning.


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