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gabriel the.angel.gabriel at
Mon Apr 14 09:08:43 BST 2003

On April 13, 2003 08:29 am, Jan Drugowitsch wrote:
> I noticed a similar strange effect with context-menues somtimes, especially
> by clicking on desktop items (unmounted drives) or tabs in konqueror. To
> keep the menu open I have to keep the button pushed to select menu items.
> However, most of the times it just works by right-clicking -> menu opens ->
> another click to select item.
> Maybe it's got something to do with my hardware. I'm using a Logitech
> Cordless MouseMan Optical. Did anyone ever have problems with that mouse?

i've got the same problem:  click file01, shift-click file9, left-click file5 
and drag....  and i'm only dragging file5.  the other files are unselected.

	gentoo base system version
	gcc 2.95.3
	logitech mouseman wheel (ps2 using imps2 driver in X)

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