[kde-promo] Back to the drawingboard

Tink tink at kde.org
Fri Apr 11 10:59:56 BST 2003


Can we get back to the drawingboard?
I have seen some excellent ideas posted on this list yesterday, some 
new people who were enthousiatic about working on this project and 
that is more than happened in a long time.

Lets not kill that spark by falling into the same old routine of 
bickering, negative comments about every proposal and start flames on 
other topics that kdepromo.

Working on PR, marketing, advertising is a creative process, it's not 
something you just 'do'. Constructive and creative thinking and 
discussing your ideas on this list is mandatory. ideas and plans need 
to be carefully build. If every proposal is being put down as 
nonsense and waste of time we're not going anywhere and it's very 
disencouraging. People and certainly those who recently joined should 
feel free and safe to discuss their ideas and not being afraid their 
ideas will be ridiculed or not taken seriously.

Maybe we should create a second restricted mailinglist for people 
actually working on PR. So developers who actually write code and 
only have an interest in promo do not have to feel the need to 
comment on every step because it's not how they usually work. A group 
of people who work in a more structured matter can have it's place 
within KDE can't it?

As for Gnome, there's a reason they are mentioned more in the press 
than KDE, probably because their PR department is better structured 
than ours.


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