Installation problems (kcontrol, kicker, kfmclient)

László Házy hazyl at
Mon Apr 7 01:53:12 BST 2003

As mentioned on Friday, I have done a clean rpm install of KDE-3.1.1 
from on my home machine and encountered none of the problems. So it is 
certainly an upgrade specific issue. I will try on Monday to reinstall 
the broken KDE after doing first an "aggressive cleanup" of  3.0.x and 
of the "redhat-....-noarch" packages.

V Leher wrote:

>A follow up on this:
>I tried re-installing in the desired fashion and removing my .kde
>folder.....That DID NOT work for me..:(
>- Leher
>On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 11:37, V Leher wrote:
>>I am having the exact same issue. I could not find any answers on any of
>>the sites either. I was in the process of re-installing and then
>>*following the order* of the installations, but having heard that it has
>>not worked for Laszlo I will hold off on that.
>>- Leher
>>On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 10:45, Laszlo Hazy wrote:
>>>I have upgraded KDE from 3.0.x to 3.1.1 using RPMs on RH8.0 and, while 
>>>things are generally working, I ran into the following problems:
>>>1. kcontrol does not display any of the modules to be configured (left 
>>>hand side of the window), so I cannot configure anything.
>>>2. When selecting "Configure Panel ..." in kicker or the K-Menu, no 
>>>configuration window is opened, so cannot configure it.
>>>3. When clicking the "Home" icon on the desktop, konqueror does not 
>>>start. I had to change the "execute" string to "kfmclient openURL" from 
>>>the original "kfmclient openProfile filemanagement" in order to get it 
>>>open a konqueror window.
>>>In an attempt to fix things, I removed all of KDE, deleted ~/.kde and 
>>>reinstalled the RPMs. Still, none of the above got fixed. And yes, I did 
>>>install kdelibs* first and kdebase* second.
>>>Any hint as to what may be wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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