kmail-click on message-becomes no subject

John Sowden jsowden at
Sat Apr 5 23:36:18 BST 2003

I recently read in this group where someone was complaining re:  boot time.  
Mention was made to empty the /tmp directory and let kde recreate it.  As I 
was having the same issue, I emptied my /tmp directory.

Even since that, in what seems to the the my suse folder only, when I click on 
a message to read it, etc., the subject changes to 'no subject', the from 
field  changes to unknown  and the date field goes blank.

Separate issue: (left a message on this a few months ago-no takers)
I can lease kde to go to a console but I cannot return to kde-I get a graphics 
box in the middle of the text console saying 'input not supported'.

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