Am I wasting my time with Red Hat?

Martin Thomas martin.thomas at
Fri Apr 4 11:45:29 BST 2003

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:15:46 +0800, you wrote:

>> Thank you all for your replies; I shall do a little research and
>> switch to a new distro. At some point I'll no doubt want to learn how
>> to compile KDE for myself, but would rather concentrate for now on
>> learning C++, QT, KDE, OPENGL ..
>As you appear to be in the UK, SuSE would be a good choice. It's the leading 
>European distro, and takes KDE very seriously. Waldo Bastian is a SuSE 
>employee, for example.
>While I wouldn't want to start a my-distro-is-better-than-yours flamewar, I 
>rarely miss a chance to plug SuSE. :o)

I now have SUSE installed: Big improvement. Several annoying bugs have
disappeared - I now have working screen savers - a larger selection of
software - better documentation. 
On the downside, there are so many games to distracted me :)
Though I think I might improve one of the card games, to get the hang
of KDE. 

THanks again for all your help.

Martin Thomas
mart666t at

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