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gabriel the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com
Thu Apr 3 15:50:40 BST 2003

On April 2, 2003 02:36 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> gabriel wrote:
> > hey there people...  i've run into a small problem with my screensavers
> > in kde 3.1.1.  it would seem that my configuration has recently forgotten
> > that i have screensavers on my computer.
> >
> > if i log in as a (new) different user, all my screensavers are available
> > in the deskop configuration window, but as my old user, the screensavers
> > window has an empty list...
> >
> > so i did some digging in ~/.kde and didn't find much...  can someone tell
> > me what config file might have lost it's marbles? i figure i'll just
> > delete the file and let the config program rewrite it...  as long as i'm
> > not looking at deleting all of ~/.kde
> There isn't a file to configure this.
> Do you have the KDE screen savers installed or are you using the X screen
> savers?

yes i do.  i've installed all of the kde packages (gentoo) except for the 
education ones (don't need 'em since i'm @work).  i've also installed the 
xscreensavers package, hoping thats what was missing....

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