Folders in Kmail 1.5.1 - all new folders are assigned to Top Level

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Wed Apr 2 14:29:38 BST 2003

Basil Fowler wrote:
> Dear Ingo,
> I got the rpms from
> for my SuSE 8.0 distro.
> Hope this helps

Thanks for the information. Apparently SuSE patched this version of 
KMail with a patch which was not approved by the KMail developers and 
which causes the problem you are now experiencing.

You have to following options:
- Find and install a kdenetwork3 RPM which was created before March 28.
- Compile KMail yourself from the official source package.
- Wait until SuSE releases a fixed kdenetwork3 package.

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