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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
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On Monday, 30. September 2002 14:58, sibusiso xolo wrote:

> Many thanks,  the howtos at the arts website were useful.  However the
> aRts maling list seem  almost dead.  I  also checked the
> http://multimedia.kde.org and there was no mention of KwinTV (or a

KwinTV is not part of the KDE mulitmedia package, so it isn't listed 
It has been developed outside of KDE for some time, has been moved to 
kdenonbeta then and might be included in a future KDE release.

> renamed version) or for that matter ny other 'multimedia' programs.   

Well, it lists noatun and kaboodle, doesn't it?

> This is surprising as 'the deskotp'  is metamorphising into the
> multimedia networked-device.  I am a fan of KDE  but there does not
> seem to me much momentum for multimedia on KDE.  For  example there is

You should have a look at the kde-multimedia mailing list.
Either subscribe, look into it's archives or read it through the news 

Last time I checked (couple of weeks ago) they were discussion options on 
how to integrate video editing capabilities into the KDE multimedia 

> the latter) have implications for Kmultimedia.   KDE use to poduce
> wishlists and witepapers; could someone inform if one of these is
> around the corner for nultimedia?

The KDE multimedia folks use to have IRC session where they discuss what 
do to next and in the long run and who will be doing what.

Usually they post the logs of this sessions on the Dot (dot.kde.org) and 
on KDE developer mailinglists. (and of course on kde-multimedia)


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