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Chris Jensen chris-kde at
Mon Sep 23 21:49:29 BST 2002

I recently wrote a complaint to my ISP because I as getting poor downloads for 
my POP3 mail (some times downloads would pause for up to minutes).
In their response they noted that:
> Another issue could be the mail client that you were using, Konqueror,
> using "kmail" or another similar mail client. There are known issues 
> with the stability of this client (kmail) , particulary with pop3 and 
> timeout issues. A better client for their platform would be netscape 7 
> or mozilla. Another option is to use fetchmail and have kmail read the 
> collected mail locally.

Is there any truth to this? I certainly don't think I've noticed this problem 
I'm using Kmail 1.4.2 under KDE3.0.2 (compiled from sources) under linux 

Chris Jensen

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