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Rob rob at OhReally.com
Mon Sep 23 11:31:24 BST 2002

Hi M.H.,

Op zaterdag 21 september 2002 07:49 schreef M.H:
> That is why, I needed to know if it is possible to detach kmail, konqueror
> and so on.. from the kio parent process. Because, kio is something like a
> tunnel, but open for any applications. And if you open the tunnel, any
> application have access to the Internet. But if you close it, no kde
> applications using kio can access to Internet.

I think you're raising a good point here.
Unfortunately I do not have an answer for you.
I think you should submit a wish at bugs.kde.org to the people of kioslave.

My preferred approach would be the other way around, though.
I'd like to have files kio.allow and kio.deny to allow/disallow apps to use 
But that's just my opinion, and I only started thinking about it when you 
mentioned it...


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