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Mike Leone turgon at mike-leone.com
Sat Sep 21 13:08:08 BST 2002

* M.H (listinfo at club-internet.fr) wrote this on 09 21, 02 at 01:45: 

> > Of course not; they do what most Linux users do, and re-use an old
> > 486/Pentium 1 with 2 NICs. :-)
> And what to do in the case of someone who is using linux on a laptop, and travel with it? :)

I write this on a laptop, connected wirelessly to my home LAN, which goes thru
a setup such as I describe. When I travel with it, the majority of the time that it is
actual use is *during travel* - i.e., not connected to the Internet, on a train,
etc, and so no opportunity for any app to surreptiously "phone home" - 
or connected via someone else's LAn - in which case, I expect the owner/operator of the
 LAN to provide firewalling. If they don't, or I don't trust them or their
ability to do so, I either decide to not plug my laptop into their LAN, or
learn to live with the consequences of my decision to use an unprotected LAN.
(beyond the capabilities of any personal firewall script I choose to
implement on the laptop, I mean)

> That is that case here. And  what a hassle, to set another computer just for 
> firewalling. In a productive point of view and easy to use for Mr Everyone, that doesn't sound
> reasonable. Why switch on 2 computers just for using one....

Why ever switch the firewall off? I never do. Even when I had on-demand dialup, rather than DSL.

You have a point. However, I think you exaggerate the  prevalance, or potential
effects, of the problems you are concerned about.

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