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Sun Sep 22 01:30:55 BST 2002

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On Saturday 21 September 2002 10:20 am, Chris Keenan wrote:
> I recently downloaded and installed the Mandrake 8.2 Distribution, and
> chose KDE as my desktop environment. The install goes fine, and use the
> mouse to make appr selections, so I know my mouse works just fine. The
> problem comes in when the system restarts and KDE loads. I cannot use the
> mouse at all. I have checked the mouse settings and they appear to be fine.
> This is a simple 2 button PS/2 mouse. Anyone have any ideas?

Test No 1: See if the mouse runs as root user.  If it does, there is 
something corrupted in the user installation.  In that case, go into the 
Control Center and add a fake user (assuming you have but one user account) 
and then "delete" the old user (but don't delete the files).  Rename the 
files to ~(HOME.old - use a terminal window) and then set up a new user (with 
the old user name.  Delete the fake user and files (if you want) and then 
check out your user account.  Copy critical files from ~(HOME.old) to ~(HOME) 
and, if everything's fine in a few weeks, you can delete the ~(HOME.old) 

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