Mouse Problem (not working)

Daniel Cassidy mail at
Sat Sep 21 17:07:02 BST 2002

On Saturday 21 Sep 2002 4:20 pm, Chris Keenan wrote:
> I recently downloaded and installed the Mandrake 8.2 Distribution, and
> chose KDE as my desktop environment. The install goes fine, and use the
> mouse to make appr selections, so I know my mouse works just fine. The
> problem comes in when the system restarts and KDE loads. I cannot use the
> mouse at all. I have checked the mouse settings and they appear to be fine.
> This is a simple 2 button PS/2 mouse. Anyone have any ideas?

I had this problem with SuSE. Don't ask me why, but some perfectly ordinary 
PS/2 mice don't seem to work. I think it only occured since XFree86 4.x but 
I'm not sure. I can only advise you to try a different mouse, you can get 
them pretty cheaply and if you buy it from one of those shops that is happy 
to refund without arguing with you you can be sure you won't lose out.
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