KDE 3.0.3

Dave Tibbals dtibbals at vetmed.wsu.edu
Mon Sep 16 16:51:00 BST 2002

	I am attaching a list of the rpm's that you will need to
reinstall to get back to a stock RH 7.3 installation. This list is only
those packages I wanted installed on my system, you may want others in
addition. I too have attempted to upgrade one of my red hat boxes from
3.0 to 3.0.3. If you download all the rpm's from the kde web site that
are listed as being for Red Hat 7.3, execute 'rpm -Uvh *.rpm' in the
directory you have the downloaded files in, it will give a dependency
error that kdelibs >= 3.0.3-10 is needed ( I am not sure about that
patch level number). What the kde site has for RH 7.3 is
kdelibs-3.0.3-7. You can still force the rpm install, usually not a good
idea though. When I did this all the kde apps seemed to work OK, at
least all that I tried. The only trouble I noticed was that qt-designer
would segfault when attempting to run it. I was not able to spend more
time to find a work around for this.

Good Luck... 

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Greetings everyone,

Tried to update KDE 3.0 to 3.0.3 on a RH 7.3 box. After installing arts 
and KDElibs, Kpackage crashed and would not reopen even after rebooting,

In fact, several other apps no longer work...including Kmail, several 
games, control amoung others. I tried installing the rpms from the 
command line and still no luck. Is there a way for me to reinstall 3.0 
say from the RH cd or some other way to write over the bad installation?

Thanks in advance!


Black Bridge Farm

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