Keyboard repeat/Quick browse issues

Sean McGlynn sean at
Wed Sep 11 01:41:00 BST 2002

On Tuesday 10 September 2002 23:09, Jay Mallar wrote:
> Sean McGlynn wrote:
> > Hello Jay,
> >
> > On Sunday 08 September 2002 21:20, Jay Mallar wrote:
> >>I'm using KDE 2.2.2 (via Debian/Woody).  I have two issues that have
> >>been bothering me.
> >>
> >>1) I have keyboard repeat on, and for some reason, it toggles itself off
> >>occasionally.  I just have to go back in and turn it back on, but gosh,
> >>that's annoying.  Is this a bug?  Been happening with the last two KDE
> >>versions I've used, including this one.  Is there a keystroke sequence I
> >>could be hitting that's doing it?
> >
> > Certain applications might be turning it off (or altering it in some way)
> > as it might conflict with the way they want you to use the keyboard when
> > running them. They should revert it to its previous setting when they've
> > finished with it, but some don't I guess. You might want to run through
> > the most common apps/games etc. that you run and see if the keyboard
> > repeat has been switched off after each one. This is the most logical
> > explanation if it only happens occasionally. Let us know if you find an
> > offending app.
> The only KDE app I use (other than KDE itself) is Konsole.  I run
> OpenOffice, Netscape, VMWare consistently and constantly.  And it
> happens infrequently, once or twice a month if I'm lucky.

It can be any app, not just a KDE (or even GUI) app. Do you by chance ever 
run any games?

> >>2) I have a Quick Browser icon on my toolbar that, when clicked, brings
> >>up a directory that I can "browse" through.  The problem I have is that
> >>this listing isn't updating itself.  My previous KDE installation didn't
> >>have this problem, but when I installed 2.2.2, it stopped working.
> >>Nothing I do, short of shutting down KDE, seems to make the listing
> >>refresh. I added a new document to the directory hours ago, and "ls"
> >>shows it's there, but the quick browser isn't reporting it.  How can I
> >>fix this?
> >
> > On my old 2.2, the same problem occurs, although it's more random in that
> > sometimes the QB does update. One way to cheat without restarting KDE is
> > to right click on the panel and select Preferences. Then just press OK on
> > the dialogue. The QB should be updated.
> > Someone out there might want to say whether things work okay for them in
> > KDE3 (or I will when I've got it compiled :-)
> This tip didn't work, in fact, it's locking up my kicker when I do it.
> I have to stop kicker manually and restart it to get my taskbar to work
> again.

You've definitely got a problem if just showing kicker's preference dialogue 
and clicking OK causes kicker to lock! Weird indeed.

> Is there a patch available for this maybe???

I doubt it, I'm afraid. Even presuming it was a common/known problem, which I 
doubt as I don't remember seeing anyone else report it, 2.2.2 was the last 
upgrade to KDE2. Only security patches get created for KDE2 now that KDE3 has 
been around for a while.

Sorry I can't help you.

Sean McGlynn
sean at

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