Bitmap fonts in KDE3

Tore Anderson tore at
Mon Sep 9 12:37:18 BST 2002

I want to use bitmap fonts in Konsole. However, Konsole's font
selection dialog doesn't display any bitmap fonts apart from

I know the fonts are visible to the X server, as they show up
in xlsfonts' output - and rxvt uses them happily. I've searched
the archives and was just able to find a handful of posts
suggesting that it's impossible to use bitmap fonts in conjunction
with anti-aliasing. However, enabling or disabling AA has no effect
on Konsole's font list (also, some posts seem to suggest that this
is not true for KDE3).

Trying to edit ~/.share/config/konsolerc manually doesn't work
either. The 'defaultfont' variable has some bizarre way of
describing the font ("Courier,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,1,0") - and if I
change this to "nexus" - it still refuses to display any other
than the default font. "konsole --fn nexus" just spits back

 QFont::setRawMode(): Invalid XLFD: "nexus"

In kcontrol's font settings dialog, nexus doesn't appear in the
list. However, the bitmap fonts which has aliases or names in
the "X syntax" (like "") appear, except
in the dialog for selecting fixed width fonts. If I try to use
them in any of the others, KDE seems to be unable to render them.
Every single one appears visually alike each other - certainly
not how they should look.

I'm all out of ideas on how to make my fonts work, and would
greatly appreciate some suggestions or help.

I am using KDE 3.0.3 (installed with the Debian packages found
on the official ftp site).

Kind regards,
Tore Anderson

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