Need help with setting file type properties of desktop icons (newbie like)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jun 29 09:16:50 BST 2002

Harry G wrote:
> For my CD icons (I have 2 CD-R's), in the Edit File Type window, I have:
> Under the General Tab:
> in the Filename Patterns box   *.desktop and *.kdelink

WHAT?  No, that isn't correct.  You shouldn't have that box for a device 
and you shouldn't be putting that in it even if you did. :-)

> In the Application Preference Order box, I have, in order, KsCD and Konqueror.
> Under the Embeddign Tab:

Perhaps you are in the wrong widget.  To configure your device you need 
the "Properties" widget.  You are configuring the application to use to 
edit the icon not configuring the icon.  The icon is also a file, and 
you are choosing which application to open it with -- this should be a 
text editor or for embeded: a text file viewer.
> Left Click Action is set for Use settings for 'application' group.
> In the Services Preferences Order box, I have Detailed List View
> Data CD's open fine.  Music CD's give me an error:
> Could not mount device
> The error was: /dev/cdrecorder1: input/output error.
> mount: I coudl not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified.
> How do I set it up to launch KsCD for music CD's?

You don't set up the device (the CD icon) to launch anything.

You need to have an icon for KsCD.

> By the way, for some reason, I have an icon labeled CD-Rom, with the same 
> properties. (Remember I have 2 CD-R's, which are on the desktop as CD-R and 
> CD-R2).  Is this for music CD's or something?  (Suse put it there, not me).

Right click the CD icon(s) and choose "Properties" and see if that works.


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