Hidden KMenu items

Steven King stevenking66 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 28 21:42:16 BST 2002


I've previously asked this on comp.windows.x.kde, so apologies if you've seen 
it before. I got no joy there so I'm hoping for better luck on this list.

I have two problems with kmenuedit / KMenu. They may be related:

1. I was in kmenuedit  and decided to see what the Hide button did. Now one of 
the menu folders in my KMenu doesn't show up (neither in kmenuedit nor in 
KMenu). How do I unhide it? (There is a button to Unhide, but the affected 
folder is not there to select...)

2. Upgrading from KDE 2.2 to KDE 3.0 went OK for me, but for 2 of the other 
users of the system there is a problem: their K Menu shows most of the 
areas: the recent items, the bookmarks, the run command, and the logout. 
But the menu of programs is missing. Perhaps it is hidden... They chose to 
transfer their KDE 2 settings over on their first use of KDE3.


user id is stevenking66
email domain is yahoo.co.uk
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