Konqi vs IE

Michael michael.lawver at pointoflightproducts.com
Fri Jun 28 02:48:00 BST 2002

On Thursday 27 June 2002 10:45 am, Rikard "DustPuppy" Johnels wrote:
> Mozilla may be great, so may Netscape.
> But untill HTML-scriptkiddes learn to use PROPER html and such.. IE will
> still be "needed" :(
> My bank doesnt handle Netscape OR mozilla OR Konq. Some stupid Javautility
> that ONLY works under IE.
> And untill coders start to understand that IE isn't the only browser out
> here....
> I had to install vmware with a win2k instalation just to get to those
> "extra-special-mega-ms-influenced" pages....  *sigh*

Yes this is unfortunate but it has nothing to do with what OS you operate 
these other browsers on (as other respondants have implied) and they have the 
same problem on Winblows if you were to use them there.

It would be nice however if we could use Konq for these same sites and not 
have to resort to IE, for the most part however I have found that most of 
these sites I can get to as long as I have Java enabled.  There are only a 
few now that don't work for me just using Konq.

Michael :o)

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