Flickering KDE!

Serge Gomes Da Silva sgomesda at ulb.ac.be
Wed Jun 26 15:03:02 BST 2002


I having big troubles with the KDE graphic interface of SuSE 8.0. 

the problem(s): 

The screen was flickering, so I tried to speed up the refresment rate, decrease the color settings...the only result is that KDE doesn't load anymore. 
But as I can still get the lines that ask me for my login, I've tried to load Sax2 to get the old settings back, but even this way, KDE seems lost. 

It's the fourth time it happens...and as Linux is a new thing for me, I'm going amok! 

The hardware I use: 

Screen: Phillips 107t (which by the way is not in the screen list of Sax2) 
Graphic Card: SIS 315 256bit AGP4x VGA (same as screen for Sax2) 

Can you help me please? Thanx 


Serge Gomes da Silva

Laboratoire de Biologie Marine 
CP 160/15 Université Libre de Bruxelles
50 Av. F.D. Roosevelt
B-1050 Bruxelles, BELGIUM. 
Tel: ++32.(0)2.650.29.70  
Fax: ++32.(0)2.650.27.96 

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