no antialiasing for Luxi fonts?

Denys Duchier Denys.Duchier at
Mon Jun 24 19:32:53 BST 2002

"CiAsA S'Nuey Boark" <ciasaboark at> writes:

> On Monday 24 June 2002 12:53 pm, Denys Duchier wrote:
>> I am running redhat 7.3 / KDE 3.0.  In e.g. konqueror, I get very nice
>> antialiasing with Arial and Verdana, but none at all with the Luxi
>> fonts. So far, fiddling with XftConfig did not help.
> I'm not familiar with the Luxi fonts, are they scalable fonts or bitmap?  KDE 
>>= 3.0 will allow you to use both bitmap and vector fonts at the same time, 
> but will only AA the scalable ones.

They are truetype fonts.  I have heard that they do not have very good
hints and thus do not antialias optimally.  However, on my system,
they do not (visibly) antialias at all.  I have used xmag to observe
rendered text more closely and indeed I can detect for them no


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