Large file copies using too much CPU time

Johnny A johnny at
Mon Jun 24 03:05:30 BST 2002

On Sunday 23 June 2002 22:32, Dan Stone wrote:

> Heh...guess it might have helped to be using 32-bit I/O and DMA access, no?
>  I set the drives to work properly now, and it seems to have fixed the
> still makes me wonder, though, why being on 16-bit I/O and no
> DMA made artsd go nuts...? *shrug*

Perhaps an IRQ clash? Just a guess, but if the IDE controller and the sound 
card use the same interrupt, maybe artsd is fooled somehow. (somehow is 
always a good word to use when you don't quite know what you're talking 
about. ;)) Maybe you're using an old ISA sound card?

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