Large file copies using too much CPU time

Dan Stone dan at
Sun Jun 23 21:03:58 BST 2002

This is something I've been having problems with for a while, but after moving 
a large section of video files from one drive to another, it finally got to 
me to the point that I figured I'd ask to see if anyone knew a solution:

 I'm running kinda a built-from-scratch linux system, using kernel 2.4.18, and 
using KDE 3.0.1 as my windowmanager...whenever large files are copied from 
one partition to another, there's a bit of a delay, then CPU usage spikes to 
100%, and the entire system basically locks up until the hard disk write is 
done.  (The file systems are all EXT2)  The guilty process, of all things, is 
artsd!  Are there any known bugs about artsd doing this, or did I just flub 
something up along the way?  Any ideas on what could be done to fix this?  

~D. A. Stone

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