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Thu Jun 20 08:36:17 BST 2002

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Dylan wrote:
> I use two different workstations for different purposes - One has a
> 21" monitor which I run at 1600x1280 (or whatever the correct numbers
> are). The other has a 15" monitor which shows 1024x768. I have managed
> to get two separate sets of desktop icons reflecting each machine by
> setting the desktop directory to /home/dylan/desktop/$HOSTNAME, which
> works like a dream. However, the edit box in the Control Centre
> (Look&feel>Desktop>paths) resolves the variable reference, which is
> inconvenient when it comes to checking/changing the settings.
> Now, given that one monitor shows a much higher res desktop, is there
> a reasonably convenient way to get icon sizes and font metrics to vary
> from one machine to the other. Having trawled thru
> /home/.kde/share/config, I notice these settings seem to be sprinkled
> across several files (at least kdesktoprc and konqiconviewrc.)

You should report these problems via Else they probably 
won't be fixed.
Anyway, the easiest solution for you is to use different KDEHOME 
directories for both machines (i.e. ~/.kde-21inch and ~/.kde-15inch). 
If you want to share some information you should symlink some 
directories inside KDEHOME. Symlinking individual files probably won't 
work because of the way configuration files are written (They are first 
written with another name and then moved over the old version of the 
configuration file. This is done to avoid corruption of config files, 
e.g. when the computer crashes while the config file is written.).

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