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Faissal ABDALLAH abdallah.faissal at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 21 16:28:06 BST 2002

thanks all (especially lauri) for ur help but can anyone give me a hint about what is the best way on installing the new ports in freebsd 4.5 cause it ships only with kde 2.2.2 and i didn't updated the ports yet... some of the questions might be silly or simle for a lot of u... so i'm hoping that u won't be laghing at me ;-)

	1. i have previously copied all of the kde 3.0 tarballs (.tgz) from a mirror ftp (as lauri asked me) and copied them on a CD, what should i do to make them work? i don't know how to update ports, any hints, docs for this update would be highly appreciated

	2. i noticed during the installation that i need to run "ldconfig -m ...." so that shared library contains the qt and after a reboot every thing i did is lost. how can i include all my shared libraries on system boot?

	3. i use the bash shell and i configured in the .profile to include some PATH directory and every thing goes well logging in as simple user but when i "su" no more additionnal path is seen!

one last thing, please cc me cause i'm not in the list

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On Thursday 20 June 2002 21.47, Faissal ABDALLAH wrote:
> Hi list,
> I’m actually trying to intall KDE 3.0 from source packages on a FreeBSD 4.5
> machine.... i followed the instructions word by word lettre by lettre and
> after lots and lots of problems and incompatibility i managed to install
> the qt 3.0.4 and the autoconf etc... and all necessary packages for the KDE

It's quite clear you didn't follow the FreeBSD instructions, because Qt 3.0.4 
is not in the ports (and that is for a reason - it has issues.)

I suggest you uninstall all that you have below, put the source tarballs you 
have collected into /usr/ports/distfiles/KDE (so that the ports can find 
them), and then install the kde ports themselves.

If you have sufficient bandwidth, you can use the packages (I'm not sure they 
are ready yet on the FreeBSD ftp servers, but you can find a set of packages 
and the instructions at http://freebsd.kde.org.)

The ports exist for a reason - among other things, they have patches to make 
applications conform to FreeBSD's file system organization, to adjust the 
environment, and are a configuration we know to work on the majority of 
systems.  It's very difficult to support self-compilation, because there is 
just too much in your environment and in your compilation options that could 
be affecting this.

- From a look at your log, it seems KDE starts up correctly, and then some of 
the applications hit an issue with threads.  I suggest you see if the problem 
persists with an installation from the ports, but I suspect it won't, they 
have been heavily tested, and I've never seen your particular error before.

- -- 
Lauri Watts
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