KDE 3 Footprint

Jannik Lindquist janniklindquist at moseand.com
Thu Jun 13 17:25:01 BST 2002


I chose the "...with KDE"-option when I installed SuSE Linux 8.0.

Terry wrote:

> Did you install KDE3 via precompiled binaries or did you compile it
> yourself?
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>>I am on a Toshiba Laptop - 475 Mhz and 160 MB. I switched from Windows
>>XP to Linux with KDE 3.0 a mont ago - and have fought a tough battle
>>trying to make KDE run without draining my systemressources. Before I
>>stripped all fancy graphics from KDE, I had at least one freeze a day
>>and I still see a lot of disturbed graphics. Big apps renowned for their
>>demands on systemressources - such as OpenOffice and Mozilla - runs
>>beautifully on my system - whereas Konqueror and KMail running together
>>are almost sure to cause some kind of problem.
>>Jannik Lindquist

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