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Wed Jun 12 17:50:37 BST 2002

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Hi Lauri,

Thanks for the info - I've checked and I now libxml2 and libxslt installed - 
although I didnt when I installed kdelibs.  So, I configured/maked/make 
installed kdelibs, but the same problem is still happening.  (kdelibs 
configure finds both libs and does compile+install kdoctools).

kdex.dtd exists (in $KDEDIR/share/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/dtd/kdex.dtd 
where I assume it should be).  Interestingly, if I symlink the dtd/ and 
entities/ directories from the path above into the doc directories where the 
errors occur then it all works fine.  I realise thats not a fix though :(

If it makes any odds, I'm using Gentoo Linux.  The Gentoo guys reckon it's a 
kde problem.  It vaguely sounds to me like a path problem with meinproc.

btw - when redoing kdelibs I just ran configure / make / make install again - 
I assume doing a make cvs-clean wouldn't make any difference?



On Tuesday 11 June 2002 8:41 pm, Lauri Watts wrote:
> Shane Wright wrote:
> > I'm getting this while compiling kdebase in CVS HEAD, is it something
> > with my setup or a problem?
> >
> > No file called kdex.dtd seems to exist in kdebase anywhere, although its
> > referenced in lots of places in doc/
> That's because it's in kdelibs/kdoctools/, not in kdebase.
> Make sure you have a current libxml2 (note, this is not the same library as
> libxml) and a current libxslt, including the -devel packages if your
> distribution breaks them up in this manner.  You may need to reconfigure in
> kdelibs, then rebuild and install kdelibs/kdoctools.

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